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"Working with Nikki has been an incredibly transformative experience for me!  She has opened my eyes to the magic of this world and has awakened me to the divinity within me!  She creates such an amazing space for the work that we do together and the energy that she exudes brings such compassion, understanding and wisdom to each and every session.  She provides such a safe space for true expression and the honesty that exists in our connection enables me to dive deeply into the truth of my emotions, dreams and desires every week.  I often refer to her as "my angel" as I truly believe that she was sent to guide me in my journey to the core of who I truly am as I awaken to my most authentic self and live as the woman that I was born to be.  She feels like home to me and the confidence and trust that I feel in our bond is an extraordinary gift in my life.  She is a healer and a light worker and I know that her influence on this world is going to be on a global scale!  Thank you, Nikki, for all of the joy, light and love that you bring to my life.  I am eternally grateful to you always and I am thrilled to share this journey with you!"

Jenny Powers

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