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Call to Heal Racial Wounds!

Join us for a ground-breaking Call to Heal Racial Wounds!

In this powerful LIVE conversation, you will:

* Explore what is “yours to do” in response to heightened racial tensions in America — and how you can become an even greater conduit for love and light in the world * Receive truth and wisdom from two extraordinary lightworkers, and experience the joy of holding space for what has not been heard * Discover how we can consciously cultivate a spiritual support network that will help eradicate the social limitations and constructs of race * Learn how we can individually & collectively shift from isolation, fear and chaos to reconnection, love and “syntropy” (= higher harmony out of chaos) And BE EMPOWERED beyond anything you can imagine now. It’s all happening this Tuesday June 30th at 10am Pacific/ 1pm Eastern/ 7pm Central Europe register below to join us for this important and healing conversation. (You’ll also get the replay): =>><== It's completely FREE, in service to the need of the times.

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