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"Working with Angels"

Nikki was raised without religion but had an innate "knowing" of spirituality. Her childhood experience was filled with frightening paranormal encounters and violent personal family traumas. Nikki would often choose to "pray" to her angels for help, protection and guidance. Over the years she began to realize all of her prayers were being answered. This confirmed her belief in Source "God" and Angels. 

Even after experiencing a lifetime of unexplained paranormal occurrences of clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, precognition, premonitions and astral travel and mediumship. Nikki decided to put all of those experiences aside to pursue a "normal" life and a career in fashion. She was a successful model, scout, photographer and Head Agent of a Modeling Agency in NYC. 

In October of 2014 Nikki suffered a life threatening aneurysm. Nikki's road to healing was paved in self reflection and self discovery. She decided to resign from her position at the agency and pursue her passion of photography full time. Photography has been the best expression of Nikki's talent, experience and her gift of intuition. She has an innate ability to connect with her subjects on a soul level and capture their authentic beauty in a photograph. 

Her interest in Holistic Medicine and Energy Healing grew over the years. On some level she knew the aneurysm was linked to the overwhelming stress she was embodying on a daily basis. While In recovery, she began to breathe deeply. Deeper than ever before. This led to meditation and in turn led to a peace and balance she has never imagined possible. 

In 2016 Nikki met her mentor/spiritual advisor who is a world renowned Medium. During a reading her mentor said she could tell Nikki's hands get hot. This heat meant that she was a healer and she should be seeking a healing modality that best expressed this gift to help others. When conducting a simple google search for Reiki, she was immediately led to Angelic Reiki. In July 2017 Nikki was certified as a first and second degree Angelic Reiki practitioner. She finds this modality of healing to be extremely rewarding for both herself and her clients as it is highly vibrational, gentle and a noticeably loving energy. Nikki feels blessed to have been led to this path. 

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